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I have been painting with Oil since 2003... I had been drawing all my life and painting with oil was a new challenge back then. I had two wonderfull teachers, local artists, and the library was offering me as much information as I could possible read- and I did, endeed...


I moved on to paint with acrylics to prevent myself breathing the poisonous mediums involved with oil paints. I paint mainly with acrylics nowadays loving the quick drying time -that goes so well with my quick nature- but otherwise I do use them quite the same way as oils.

Tempera painting   - was used before oli in Medieval and Renaissance. In tempera technique dry colour pigments are made usable by "tempering" them with binding and adhesive vechile. The oldest tempera vehicle is a natural emulsion, egg yolk, thinned with water (-I use vinegar). I am really enthusiasted over this ancient method, probably because of my interest in the history of this time. Tempera is different from oil painting because the thin layers of paint dry  quickly and kind of luminate the colours. See my temperas clicking here.

About metal graphics - ,that I studied  for one year. It's interesting but hard to do at home. I just barely scratched the surface of this interesting art making, but maybe  someday I'll have ability to continue.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Pastels -Quite new tecnique to me: I have learned about them eagerly and made portraits, still life and animals as well.

Pencil and charcoal
are of course the only way to do my scetching and of course convenient with many kinds of drawings and familiar to me from since day one.

Ink pencils
My newest technique: I first bought them by accident and love them now:  It's almaost like you can  colour the scene with water colour  first and then draw on it with colour pencils -but all with the very same pencils... Got mixed up?  Why not try them yourselves? My children's book illustration is mostly made with Inktense pencils...

Croquis - I was drawing two years in The Art Museum of Pori, still would if had the time. Croquis-drawing means that one draws quick drawings of a model in different positions. At first you have five to ten minutes to sketch the positions but in the end you only have one single minute to do that before the position changes! Such a wonderfull challenge! You can see my drawings by clicking here.

To the beginning  
                                                  For more  pictures, click here        

the opening of  "Painted Soul-scenerys"  in December 2006
the opening of "Ancient art and mythology"  in November 2010           

the opening of "From my own roots"  in July 2011                                                                    

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  • The Middle Ages

My family

and all children 

To the beginning

About the things I  paint:

I love to paint and draw people...doing whatever they're doing, feeling something while doing it...What are they thinking and why? Most of my paintings of people     are also portraits.

I have allways been into atmospheres and I find it interesting to catch a certain feeling both in people, still life and  scenery as well. These feelings and athmospheres I  would like to transfere to you, my spectators.

I love to paint dancers, Yes, because they are talented and because I find the the human body most beautiful while dancing, but mainly because I appreciate the hard work behind the scenes and love to capture the speed and the movement in dance.

I have allways been interested in Finnish ancient religions: Gods of nature, such as Ahti, the ruler of waters,  Wellamo, his wife and mermaids, elves, fairys and goblins of forests, whose ruler was believed to be Tapio. I have painted these facionating creatures in my new series, Mythology, since 2006: There are now paintings of Ahti -
the king of seas, a mermaid, a fairy, a house elf aka a brownie, Tapio, the king of forests and his wife Mielikki.

The Middle Ages
has alaways fachionated me: Its tales and legends but most of all its roles and idealistic myths of honour and romances. Knowing now how dangerous the life was those days even at house and normal life not to mention wars and continous battles it is no wonder that people needed idealistic hope for their miserable lives.

I have a wonderfull family, (who doesn't?) who has been my greatest inspiration
. You can see my children in many of my paintings and to this day they have posed for me when asked.  I paint at home, so I have an immediate feedback and many wonderful ideas while working... many of my greatest inspirations have come from my family.

The thing that also allways takes my attention everywhere are the matters and rights of children.
They are, as we all know, our future and what they receive from us now, they'll pass forword tomorrow. Sometimes when I hear people critisizing young people, it makes me wonder what happened to the responsibility of the previous generations. Young people just don't  appear out of nowhere, if you know what I mean...
As a pre-school teacher I'd like to think my two idols to be:
-Firstly none the less than Mary Poppins
from Walt Disney movie: firm, safe and fair with lots of fun and jokes, tenderness and warmth and
-secondly Maria from a wonderful movie The sound of music: funny, loving, sincere, safe and caring:

"Let them bring out on all their problems:
I'll do better than my best!
I have confidence
they'll put me to the test,
but I'll make them see
I have confidence in me:

Somehow I will impress them,
I will be firm but kind!
And all those children
-Heaven bless them-
They will look up to me
and mind me

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To the beginning

Exhibitions  selected exhibitions in this link
7/2017 Eura, Kauttua Ruukki We must never forget -as invited
11/ 2016 Kauhajoki, Hella Gallery Welcome aboard, no emergency exit around
Pori, Gallery Elise Leap of faith
05/2012 Tampere, Gallery Tieto See how high she flies
01/2012 Helsinki, Gallery Fogga
Invitation to dance
09/2011 Helsinki,
S- Gallery-window
Life's a bitch, enjoy the ride -as invited
07/2011 Gallery Angelo, Pori
Summer extra
From my own roots -as invited
11/2009 Eurajoki, Gallery  Gylich Cold light
07/2009 Ulvila, Gallery Kui   In time with beauty
(Dance art)
01/2009 Pori, Taitotalli   Whispers and humming                         
08/2008 Pori, Pormestarinluoto Artothegue Artist presentation
08/2008 Vammala, Gallery Ansa Puntalo Brightening up -as invited
09/2006 Pori,  Hiustrio Dancing
03/2006 Kokemäki, Library Moving and being stil
02/2006  Pori, Tiny Gallery Oil paintings
10/2005 Pori, Culture Gallery        Moments


4/2017 UK,Stratford Upon Avon Twitter Art Exhibit over one thousand artists from around the world
-charity exhibition
3/2016 USA, New York Twitter Art Exhibit one thousand artists from 35countries 
-charity exhibition
2015 Pori, Poriginal Gallery TaidesatamaLive several artists
2015 Norway, Moss Twitter Art Exhibit 620 artists from around the world
-charity exhibition
5/2014 Pori, P-Gallery Parade, a selfie as a bird  several artists
03/2014 USA,
Orlando FL
Twitter Art Exhibit hundreds of artists from around the world
-charity exhibition
07/2013 USA, New York The Story of the Creative See.Me a hundred artists worldwide
-a digital exhibition
01/2013 USA,
Los Angeles
Twitter Art Exhibit 502 artists from 35 countries
-charity exhibition
07/2012 Pori, Gallery Elise Open exhibition -juryed exhibition
4-5/2012 Norway, Moss Twitter Art Exhibit 360 artist from 32 countries
 -charity exhibition
04/2012 Pori, Gallery Elise Exhibition several artists
09/2011 Ulvila, Gallery Kui Nature power The society of female artists in Pori
07/2011 Pori, Porina
(Technical Services Centre)
Rhythm in colours The society of female artists in Pori
05/2011 Kullaa, Palus school Just a moment with Valma Sarakumpu
-as invited
02/2011 Pori, Main Library  Long live creativity! -The Association of Kindergarten Teachers in Satakunta
Helsinki, Gallery Ferin
Ancient art and Mythology

 several artists
07/2010 Pori, Porina
(Technical Services Centre)
Summer palette The society of female artists in Pori
06/2009 Pori, Culture Gallery   The motif is free The society of female artists in Pori
12/2008 Pori, Library  Teachers' techniques The Association of Kindergarten Teachers in Satakunta
10/2008 Pori, Old cotton mill Passing art forward 100 artists,
Art council of Satakunta,
Pori Society of artists and
09/2008 Pori, City Hall  Provincial  Art Exhibition -juryed exhibition
several artists
06/2008 Pori, Old school of Reposaari My town The society of female artists in Pori
01/2008 Pori, Culture Gallery   The width of our art The society of female artists in Pori
12/2007 Rauma, Art Museum Open for everyone -juryed exhibition
several artists
07/2007 Pori, Culture Gallery   Details The society of female artists in Pori
07/2007 Eura, Kauttuan Ruukinpuisto A Barn ful of art The society of female artists in Pori
12/2006 Pori, Portaits' Galleria Painted soul-sceneries with  Paula Koivuviita and Tiina Stenman
05/2006 Pori, Old cotton mill Passing art forward 120 artists
Art council of Satakunta
05/2004 Pori, Otsola Spring exhibition Student exhibition

Bublic Strategy  21.6.2014 Viikinäinen-pre school
Viksu and the unforgettable Christmas published on
November 2th 2011

children's book
in Finnish
40 pages

available in
book stores and
librarys in Finland
Viksu ja merirosvot
(Viksu and the pirates)
published on
May 6th 2010 

children's book          
in Finnish
40 pages
available in
book stores and
librarys in Finland

Pre-school Diploma

May 2010
for Pori Education Bureau to be given to children leaving the pre-school to school in the spring

painting  Give
from Hand-can-do
to Red Cross Blood Service,
by Pasi Alajoki, art collector
originals of the
first Viksu-book -illustration
to children's psychiaric care division,
Pori Hospital
my own donation
originals of the
second Viksu-book -illustration
to the Public deantal care center, Pori my own donation

2016 Kauhajoki-Lehti, Kauhajoki
2012 Satakunnan Työ, Pori
2011 Satakunnan Kansa, Pori

Ulvilan seutu, Ulvila
Satakunnan Työ, Pori

Ulvilan seutu, Ulvila
2010 Satakunta tv news                          

Satakunnan viikko, Pori 

Uusi Pori 

Satakunnan Kansa, Pori

Satakunnan Kansa, Pori
2009 Ulvilan seutu, Ulvila
2008 Aamulehti, Tampere

Tyrvään Sanomat, Vammala

Satakunnan Työ, Pori
2006 Jokilaakso, Kokemäki

Works to be found
Pori Pormestarinluoto artotheque  (Alahangantie 1, Pori) 
Ulvila Library artotheque
web Atelier MarenArt, Facebook
Fine Art
Private collections  Art collector Pasi Alajoki
Public collections Pori Hospital
Red Cross Blood Service, Finland
Public deantal care center, Pori

2007-2008 Several painting short courses, Pori, Finland
2006-2008 Croquis-drawing, the Art Museum of Pori, Finland
2003-2005 Art studies in two different adult education colleges, Pori, Finland
2004 Short course of written english, Open University,  Pori, Finalnd
1990 Pre-school teacher examination, Tampere, Finland, Finalnd
1984 Higher school examination, Pori, Finland

2012- Twitter Art Exhibit, honorary ambassador
2008-2015 Finnish Art Society
2007-2012 The society of female artists in Pori;  the chairman 2010-2012
2005- Friends of visual arts -society, Pori
2004- Assosiation of  PTAs in Pori schools; the board, YTY-95; the board
2001-2010 PTA, School of Uusikoivisto, UKI ry ; the chairman  2007-2010

ashtanga yoga, cxworks, work out, body combat
working with hands: wood, sewing, decorating, repairing...
reading; historical novels and biographies

 © 2009   Maren Jeskanen